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Personal security
The realities of the modern world dictate the need for personal safety services. The measures aimed at preserving life and protecting the business infrastructure consists of many elements, the effectiveness of which depends on the professionalism of the team.
The overall mission of our company is to provide comprehensive protection against risks (“one window” format) and is reflected in our security consulting services.
In addition to advising on the provision of security and transportation, we are also able to further strengthen this area both on the part of information (checking for negative information and unreliability) and on the part of a comprehensive risk assessment of a specific location (hotel, restaurant, hall, etc.). etc.)
In conjunction, this allows us to provide comprehensive security, anticipating and suppressing (in case of occurrence) all possible risks, and thanks to the presence of English-speaking coordinators, among other things, to facilitate organizational and logistic solutions and ready to provide information in case of a Client's request.
For each project, English-speaking coordinators are allocated, who remain in touch 24/7 and are ready to answer all Client's requests. This allows us to be able to respond quickly and efficiently to all changes and update information in real time.
The class of services in this area can be divided into the following areas:
Personal safety
This service is understood as ensuring personal security, protecting VIP guests, by involving professional bodyguards. It is worth noting that we specialize in obtaining specialists with the following qualities:
  • analytical mindset, to prevent the occurrence of dangerous situations
  • knowledge of English, to directly receive instructions from foreign guests and promptly respond to them
  • representative appearance, not to attract unnecessary attention to oneself
Depending on the risk profile, it is possible to involve armed or unarmed guards.
Transport safety
A car with a professional driver is assigned to the client(s). This service ranges from the so-called “Meet and Greet” (meeting at the airport and transfer to the hotel), and could last several days or more, using the driver for all client’s movements.
As in the case of personal security, the service is accounts for the specifics of each individual project. Thus, a premium sedan for a VIP guest and executive SUVs for security can be allocated for the project. Or a Mercedes-Benz V-class business shuttle can be reserved for a group of guests. In cases with a high risk profile, we can offer the use of armored vehicles and drivers with driving skills in extreme conditions and driving in conditions of live threat.
The most popular option is to use a team of a car with a driver + a personal safety specialist.
Event security
In this case, an integrated approach is used. The entire focus is on the success of the event itself (in terms of security). Thus, the choice of tools goes beyond direct security services. So, in addition to transport and personal security, the following can be added to the project:
  • Ensuring safety when compiling lists of event participants (information and analytical work, screening)
  • Conducting a safety assessment of premises / facilities, development of escape routes, coordination in case of emergency situations
  • Solving organizational issues when traveling (drawing up logistically verified travel plans, organizing the receipt of passes, coordinating the activities of various participants in the process, etc.)
  • Ensuring security in places of residence (including hotels)
In our experience, this service becomes necessary from a certain scale of events. For example, for a large-scale event that is covered in the media, any incidents, even minor ones, in addition to real risks for guests, can pose significant reputational risks for the organizers. This service allows us to build a “seamless” security infrastructure that guarantees the minimization of the maximum number of risks, and at the same time gives us the ability to respond to any type of situation that arises.
Integrated security
The increase of a company’s success is always accompanied by increased risks. These are subdivided into external (theft of products and intellectual property) and internal (financial and other manipulations, corporate blackmail, physical threats to personnel from a lack of an effective internal security system). The risk-protected company has an absolute advantage over competitors, directly affecting its financial performance. Moreover, the higher the company is at the level of its development, the more significant is its potential damage and the more resources are spent on eliminating them. The most effective option is not to respond to occurring risks, but rather to create an integrated business security system.