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Corporate security
Vlasta Consulting holding company offers complex solutions in the field of economic security. Twenty years of experience have made us a top-tier team, and our clients trust us with solving any issues in business protection.
Our team of highly qualified professionals provides services that combine in-depth analytics and the ability to obtain information from trusted sources - in the countries of the former Eastern Bloc and beyond - to help our clients build business strategies that minimize risks and consolidate their position in the region.
Risk management
Pre-trial investigations
Verification of the applicant
Corporate investigations
Background check
Corporate disputes
Structured analysis
Integrated security
The increase of a company’s success is always accompanied by increased risks. These are subdivided into external (theft of products and intellectual property) and internal (financial and other manipulations, corporate blackmail, physical threats to personnel from a lack of an effective internal security system). The risk-protected company has an absolute advantage over competitors, directly affecting its financial performance. Moreover, the higher the company is at the level of its development, the more significant is its potential damage and the more resources are spent on eliminating them. The most effective option is not to respond to occurring risks, but rather to create an integrated business security system.