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Intellectual property
Registration of trademarks
A trademark is a business card and a valuable asset to your business. It is the trademark that customers will associate with your goods and services. By using a trademark, you can effectively protect a business from fakes, as well as make a profit from the sale of licenses to third parties.
Before you start using a trademark, you must ensure its legal protection by receiving a trademark certificate. Our company provides a full range of services related both to obtaining trademark rights and its subsequent support in Russia and abroad.
Trademark protection consists of systematic and full-scale work in all possible directions and in relation to all types of infringements (identity, similarity to the point of confusion, unfair competition). The integrated use of all available tools allows you to ensure the highest possible level of trademark protection.
Civil Lawsuits
Integrated security
The increase of a company’s success is always accompanied by increased risks. These are subdivided into external (theft of products and intellectual property) and internal (financial and other manipulations, corporate blackmail, physical threats to personnel from a lack of an effective internal security system). The risk-protected company has an absolute advantage over competitors, directly affecting its financial performance. Moreover, the higher the company is at the level of its development, the more significant is its potential damage and the more resources are spent on eliminating them. The most effective option is not to respond to occurring risks, but rather to create an integrated business security system.